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Every pool fence should have a pool safety gate - It's really that simple. Many fence companies tell you that you don't need a gate. They tell you that because they either have a gate that doesn't close properly or they want to keep the price of the estimate down so they get the job. Kid Safe has a different approach, we encourage all of our dealers to be as competitive as possible so that they can sell each safety fence with a safety gate.

Our "U" shaped gate has the durability that you want from a pool gate, while using the industry standard Magna Latch and Tru-Close hinges. The latch is key lockable which provides you the ability to lock the gate when the pool is not in use by adults. The gate latch has a unique "pick up" handle located on the inside of the pool gate with a built in latch that makes opening the gate more difficult for children under four and a half feet tall. The door of our pool gate has a unique crossbar system so the gate never loses its form.

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Fence Colors

With bi-coastal facilities in Florida and Utah, Kid Safe offers convenient and fast delivery times to just about anywhere in the continental Unites States. Although international shipments take longer, being able to send shipments from our East Coast or West Coast facilities allows fewer delays.

Kid Safe has two types of ASTM certifies Pool Safety Mesh Types:

Kid Safe Textilene is our lighter mesh available only in classic black and sandstone. 

Kid Safe Interlock is our interlocking mesh that is stronger and more durable than any other removable fencing material on the market, and is designed to never tear, fade, shrink or mold.   Please see our variety of color options below.

For maximum strength, all fencing poles are placed 3 feet apart. 

We believe in quality, safety durability and zero maintenance to the pool owner, which is why we build our ASTM certified pool safety fencing using only the highest marine grade aluminum, hardened stainless steel and proven durable vinyl mesh fencing material.

Kid Safe pool fences are designed to follow the shape of your pool with a variety of colors to match your backyard environment.
Kid Safe Pool Fence is ASTM certified. 


QUAD-CORE POLES:  The strongest and safest on the market.  Uniquely engineered to provide maximum strength and will not break like the inserts or “Y” core poles are known to.

SLEEVES: Custom designed, high impact, non-conductive sleeves pass the national electric code and will not corrode.

DECK INSERTS: Used as caps or inserts into the sleeves when the pool fencing is taken down.   These are available in beige, white or gray.

CHILD-PROOF SAFETY LATCHES: Our latches are child proof and stainless steel so they will never rust or corrode.  Build to last under weather conditions!

KID SAFE EASY GATE:  This self-closing, self-latching gate is key-lockable for added protection and is also available in colors. Our professional pool fencing installers can in place the gate anywhere you would like for easy access to the pool area. It can now be retrofitted to work with any existing fences.

Fences are available in two heights:  48” and 60” for child safety or 36” for pet safety only.

Fencing ships in 15 ft sections.

Color Combinations Available:


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