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The Pool Safety Industry is a growing business. Parents are taking precautions everyday to protect their children from accidental drowning in their own backyards. Every home owner takes comfort in knowing that they can reduce their legal liability risk and ensure their property is adequately secure in this litigious society. Additionally, new laws by specific countries, individual states and even local city ordinances have mandated pool safety fences around swimming pools. All of this has been done in an effort to reduce the number children drowning. In fact, fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children 1 to 14 years of age.
Kid Safe is looking for qualified pool fence dealers in major cities Worldwide.
Kid Safe dealers have the distinct advantage of our industry knowledge and expertise. We also provide training on how to sell and properly install all our pool safety products. Get started today by calling us at 888-635-5093 or fill out the form below.

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Key Benefits of being a Kid Safe Dealer

Kid Safe Distributors enjoy many benefits that include:

• A complete marketing plan that is based on successful, proven practices.
• Training on sales, marketing, and installation.
•Corporate website for your new pool fencing dealership, which includes rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing to help position you for success as quickly as possible. We provide leads every day to our dealers, from qualified people right in their area!
•We not only explain how to run a Kid Safe dealership successfully, we show you - hands on!
•By following our proven marketing plan, you will find customers wherever swimming pools are located or new pools are being built.
•As long as there are pools being built and kids in the world, there will be a business for our dealers.

Kid Safe is looking for qualified pool fence dealers in major cities Nationwide.

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Kid Safe Distributor Information Request

Because of our years in the business, we can provide you answers that you need in this business as a Kid Safe pool fence/pool net dealer ranging from installations of pool nets and pool fence to marketing techniques that are proven winners. Let’s face it, when you need answers, you need them quickly and accurately. Why trust a company with merely a few years in the market when you can join a proven team that has a perfect safety record and years of experience and success. We have answers and are more than willing to share them with our dealer network to build a stronger network of dealers.

Because of the quality of our product, you can focus on selling and installing and not on warranty work. Kid Safe provides a 7-year warranty on our pool fences and we have less than 1% of warranty work needed. This low warranty work track record allows you to keep your business moving forward and also provides you with a source for great references (past customers) so that you can continue to secure more pools and build your business. A company that provides a lifetime warranty on their fence is great, but if you spend too much time on warranty work that you do not get paid on, when can you spend time on new business?

Because we have optimized technology and manufacturing processes to keep our overhead at a minimum and product quality at an optimum, you will benefit as a Kid Safe dealer by getting low costs on materials and can pass that along to your customers resulting in more business than your competitors. In this economy, customers are price conscious, while price does not supersede safety, it does play a factor at the end of the day.  Our goal and our dealer’s goals are to protect as many children as possible and do it at a fair price.

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